Preparing your yard for new Sod.

How to Get Your Lawn Ready for New Sod 

 When you’ve made the decision to give your yard or outdoor space a fresh start with sod, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure success. A new layer of sod can give your land a uniform and attractive look, or you can instantly create a green lawn for a newly built property. Here at Sod King, we recommend the following steps to help prepare your space for new sod.

Remove All Weeds and Existing Grass

 It’s best to clear the yard area of any current growth before laying sod. Your sod will look smoother and healthier if you start the area off with a fresh, clean slate of cleared soil. That means any weeds or patches of grass need to be removed. Use an herbicide made with glyphosate for best results.  But if you use herbicides, give it about 2 weeks before planting and still remove all dead weed and plant matter.  Soil to soil contact is what you want.

Prepare the Soil by Tilling   

Next, you should evaluate the slope of your land and take steps to regrade if necessary for ideal drainage. Remember, grade away from your house if possible.  It’s also essential to start regularly tilling the soil to create a healthy layer of nutrients that will let your sod thrive. Clay soils compact easily, and that makes it difficult for young roots to grow deep.  If needed, apply additional topsoil as well.  Good soil is the foundation to a great lawn.

Fertilize the Ground Area 

Additionally, a healthy lawn needs supplemental fertilization before a layer of sod is put down. After you till the ground once, put fertilizer throughout the yard to enhance the soil and give it more nutrients. This step can help you prepare your new sod for optimal success and give your yard a great foundation.

Water the Fresh Sod Frequently and Deeply

Once your sod has been delivered and installed, the care doesn’t stop. It’s vital to start watering immediately and to really soak it and keep it extremely wet right at the beginning.  You really can’t overwater during the first few weeks.  Once that “new” time has passed, a regular watering and fertilizing routine keeps your sod bright, lush and healthy. A sprinkler system may be even more effective at keeping your lawn beautiful.   Taper waterings back during the 3rd week until you reach the recommended water amounts for the season.

If you want to start over with your current yard, or if you need to create a lawn for a new property, text us today at 801-203-3035. Our staff of sod professionals can help you give your yard a brand new look.