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We provide top notch delivery service to your home or job site and pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. We do this by communicating time frames for your delivery so that you can plan your installation accordingly.


We understand that our customers have busy schedules, that is why we provide professional installation services. With our crew's experience, you can be sure that your sod will be installed with care as if it were our own property.


We understand that not all our customers will meet the minimum requirements for delivery. That is why we have convenient pick up facilities in Salt Lake County to make sure everyone can enjoy our beautiful sod.



$0.31/sf - $0.35/sf   Delivered*

$0.14/sf - $0.15/sf for Installation*

Sod prices may vary depending type, location, and quantity.

King Blue Kentucky Bluegrass Specs


$0.46/sf - $0.50/sf   Delivered*  

$0.14/sf - $0.15/sf for Installation*

Sod prices may vary depending type, location, and quantity.

King Silver Hybrid Sod Specs


$0.33/sf - $0.37/sf   Delivered*  

$0.14/sf - $0.15/sf for Installation*

Sod prices may vary depending type, location, and quantity.
**Not available until Mid Summer 2019

King Green Fescue Specs


$0.46/sf - $0.50/sf   Delivered*  

$0.14/sf - $0.15/sf for Installation*

Sod prices may vary depending type, location, and quantity.

King Native Sod Specs

*Sod prices may vary depending type, location, quantity & access. 2000 sq ft minimum on all deliveries and installs.
Delivery locations include most areas in Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah, Summit and Wasatch Counties.

Contact us for delivery in all other areas.


Customers love our service!


We do our absolute best to provide the best service in the industry. Even though we are not perfect, we strive to be. We want our customers to have an exceptional experience from start to finish. Please take the time to read our customer reviews so that you can have confidence that Sod King is the best choice for sod and mulch services.

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Sod King provides top notch sod for your home or business with deliver service, sod installation and sod installers in the Utah Valley, and the option of pickup from convenient facilities in Salt Lake County. With King Blue Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue Sod, and Hybrid Sods that provide features such as excellent weed tolerance, disease reistance, low water usage, and minimal mowing to name a few.  It's important for people to choose the right sod supplier, giving them a a high-quality sod, sod installation service and low prices on their new sod.

If you are looking for Sod in Utah County, sod prices and quality sod installers in Lehi, Farmington, Salt Lake City, Jordan and throughout the Salt Lake and Utah counties give us a call today (801) 203-3035. Our site contains information on how to lay sod, turf farms in Utah, those looking for grass in Utah and much more.

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New Lawn and Sod in Utah

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Jacklin’s Scottish Sod Variety for Utah Lawns

Sod King and the sod farms we work with carrying many varieties of sod including our new product called Jacklin’s Scottish Links Mixture. This sod consists of low growing fine fescue that is well adapted to harsh conditions including golf course roughs, bunker faces and more. If this sod is not mown the formula provides…
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