Caring for your new Lawn

New Lawn:

  • Give your new sod  water immediately after it is installed. Run each cycle for about 15 min and then run the cycles AGAIN to give it a really good deep watering – another 20-30 minutes on each zone.  When finished, the sod should be “squishy wet.”
  • Water your new sod 2-3 times during the hottest part of the day for the first two weeks.  If temperatures are over 90 degrees may need 4 waterings per day.  Most important is to make sure that the sod STAYS WET!  don’t let it dry out at all.
  • Keep your new sod moist but do not soak. Water as needed to maintain adequate moisture. New sod establishment depending on weather, temperatures, etc.
  • Change your sprinkler timer according to the demands of your lawn, and the environment. Common factors are: wind, rain, sunlight, shade, sprinkler types, and reflected light.