Preparing your Yard for New Lawn and Sod in Utah

This guide is to help give some tips and suggestions regarding preparing for your new lawn / sod in Utah. Here is a couple of recommendations

We recommend that you start with testing the soil. This is important because improving the soil before any planting takes is one of the best ways to give your lawn a perfect growing environment. You can contact your local extension office to obtain a soil test kit. You will want together soil samples from several locations in your yard and separate them by labeling the bags. This will take a few weeks to get the results back on your soil once submitting for testing.

Next, we recommend measuring. Once your soil is tested and necessary adjustments are made it is good practice to measure the area to be sodded. This can be done using a tape measure or “step” method to measure out the area for sod. For other useful tips on getting measurements or quotes on sod, sod installation give us a call or text us at 801-203-3035.

Kill and remove old grass is the next step before the installation of your new sod. We recommend products that are known in the area for being a good grass killing agent. If there are garden stores or home improvement stores nearby these can be good sources for information regarding effective grass killing agents. We recommend glyphosates which are herbicide products designed to kill weeds competing with grasses. You will want to avoid using these products when the grass is wet as it will wash off the agent.

Site preparation is the next crucial part of your new lawn. This makes it easier for grassroots to grow healthy in the durt. Clear out all building materials, move all rocks and stones, grade entire area to eliminate any drainage areas on the property. This step will also help you have a level area for enjoying your new grass. Tiling should be completed prior to adding topsoil amendments. After tilling is completed add top oil typically 4 – 6 inches. Finish grade the entire site. If you have access to then roll the area with a lawn roller this can help settle the areas. Although these are some recommended steps on installing sod and new lawns in Utah these steps and procedures may vary from installer to installer. If you are looking for sod installation or sod for your home please give us a call today. We are conveniently located throughout the Wasatch Front at 801-203-3035.

Next step is to lay and roll your new sod. Sod should be installed quickly within 48 hours or preferably less of delivery. Same day is preferable to avoid drying out the grass on pallets.  

For various varieties of sod in Utah and questions about sod and sod for your landscaping needs give Sod King a call today. We offer sod installation, sod pickup and also carry a variety of mulch products and offer sod installation and mulch installation in Utah. We have many pickup locations throughout the Wasatch Front including Lehi, Salt Lake City, South Jordan, Farmington and more. 

For sod prices, sod in Utah, additional information on sod and what would be the best sod variety for your yard give Sod King a call or text us at 801-203-3035