Preparing the Soil for Sod Installation

Homeowners often enjoy a lush green lawn made of soft sturdy turf.  However, there are several things to consider before the reality of a beautiful, green lawn comes true.  For example, some people go to a lot of trouble to plant seeds and watch them slowly grow. However, if you want a beautiful lawn without spending hours watching grass grow from a tiny seed to a lush lawn consider hiring a Utah sod company.  In Utah the Sod King will produce and deliver a beautiful grass sod that is perfect for the soil. This option will allow experts, Sod King to grow the green sod until it is ready to transplant.  Overnight the customer has a wonderful lawn without waiting for seeds to mature.  Today we are going to discuss what the consumer needs to do before the new sod is delivered.

First, look for a high, quality sod farmer like the Sod King in your local area.  These professionals will help you find the perfect sod for your type of soil or loam.  It is important that the PH level is correct for the area.  To test the PH level follow the guidelines available through the UMASS Testing Lab.  It is also important to check the loam (sand, clay, and silt) to make sure it will support the sod.  Always look at the quality of the sod and how it compares to the cost in order, to locate the perfect sod farmers near your home.

Once the sod has been found for your lawn clear the stones, debris, rocks, and any other objects that will hinder it from growing into a beautiful lawn.   Any materials over 2 to 3 inches in diameter found on the ground are thrown away so the soil is ready for the sod.

Next, grade the entire area to cut down on water drainage issues.  Make sure to eliminate poor drainage by sloping the grade away from the house or building foundation.  Fill all low-lying areas with soil to improve the water drainage, and till at least 2 inches of the remaining soil so it has plenty of aeration for the new sod.  Add top soil until there is a total of 4 to 6 inches over the entire lawn.

When the customer is preparing for their sod delivery from Sod King is always use a starter fertilizer’ Spread it into the loam and mix it in.  This will help the sod grow into the soil and will avoid root injury.  The last step is to roll the topsoil thus settling the surface and creating an ideal surface for installing the sod.  Call the Sod King at one of their four locations and create the perfect lawn for your home today.

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