Flooding Damages Many Sod Farmers Crops in Utah

Weather is a result of the water cycle. Water evaporates into the clouds where the temperature is colder.  As a result, the water changes form from a gas to a liquid or ice (This process is called condensation). The more water a cloud absorbs the heavier it becomes until it precipitates in the form of ice, hail, or rain.  When an area such as Utah becomes saturated with water when flooding occurs. Droughts and flooding are a cycle in Utah that causes sod farmers a lot of concern because they make grass sod vulnerable.

Utah is a cold dessert that only receives 5 to 10 inches of rainfall per year.  Farmers constantly fight the amount of water that is in the dirt. To little water and the ground dries up, yet too much water causes flooding.  Both extremes cause Richfield sod farmers to shake their heads in despair. After a drought when it finally rains the sod farmers are grateful to have water again.  However, when it rains too much the ground becomes saturated with water. If the rain continues the water has nowhere to go and flooding begins to occur.

In Richfield, this summer Utah farmers experienced a horrible drought.  As a result, they had empty, barren fields instead of the lush, green fields they normally have. Last year they used up their water supply and only had 30% of the usual amount of water.

When the rains came the Sod farmers were amazed and excited that the grass would get the water required to survive and thrive.  Then the rain continued to come down in torrents. The fields became saturated, but the rain continued to come down until it seemed it was never going to stop.

The storm was one of the biggest ones to hit in the last 50 years.  As water from the storm came down the mountain it brought a lot of debris, boulders, mud, and silt.  It buried about 90% of sod farms with up to 3 feet of mud in some places.

Some sod farmers lost as much as a million dollars in inventory plus the cost in labor to clean up the mess caused by the extreme weather.  Sod takes a year to grow, so they lost this year’s profits, and it will take another year before they receive money from harvesting their new crop.  Thank goodness the sod farmers have friends and neighbors to help them work through all the problems the flooding and drought have created. Next year will be a better year for growing and bringing the best sod to Utah residents.  Just call Sod King and their experts will make sure you have a beautiful, robust lawn to enjoy year after year.

On the bright side, scientists are starting to look at new alternatives to save Sod farmers thousands of dollars in revenue.  One idea is to turn soil into a healthier, more sponge-like material that will absorb water and reduce flooding. Until the time this solution becomes available contact one of Sod Kings stores and let them create a beautiful lawn you can sink your feet into and enjoy for many years to come.

Sod King – sod farms are located throughout the surrounding states and Utah so while many companies may experience a shortage of sod this year Sod King has a variety of sod available. For sod prices, sod in Utah, additional information on sod and what would be the best sod variety for your yard give Sod King a call or text us at 801-203-3035.