Sod Preparation Utah

Preparing the Soil Before laying Sod

Growing a lawn from seed takes time, money, and patience.  If the owner has time to plant a seed, it could be a wonderful experience to watch it come up out of the ground.  However, if you have a busy lifestyle, and do not want to spend months watching tiny seeds grow into a lawn…

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Preparing your yard for new Sod.

How to Get Your Lawn Ready for New Sod   When you’ve made the decision to give your yard or outdoor space a fresh start with sod, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure success. A new layer of sod can give your land a uniform and attractive look, or you can instantly create…

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Sod Preparation

SOD Preparation Guide: Soil prep is very important in the success of the sod and establishing a lawn. Soil preparation can only be done once before laying your sod. Follow these guidelines to increase your success with sod. Clear all weeds and debris from area. The use of Round-Up or other weed killers to remove…

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